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I have worked extensively with parents and families to establish successful child arrangements, financial agreements and other issues arising from all types of relationship breakdowns.

My focus is on moving forward, rebuilding lives and finding solutions for everyone involved. Where there are child arrangements to be made, I encourage parents to put the interests and needs of the child at the centre of the conversation. It is my deep conviction that it is you who is best placed to make the big decisions about your children, your finances and your future. Pursuing matters through the family courts can often take those crucial decisions out of your hands.

I believe in treating everyone with respect, empathy, sensitivity and compassion. I want to enable and empower families to take ownership and control over decisions affecting their lives and the interests and needs of their children.

I am a member of The College of Mediators and work within their code of practice. I am registered with The Family Mediation Council to undertake pre-mediation meetings and mediations around all aspects of child arrangements and financial arrangements.

My mediation practice embraces clients from the many cultures and ethnicities across the UK. I am privileged to work with a broad population of the BAME community. I am proud to have worked extensively with LGBTQ+ clients and parents.

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